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Yeager Asphalt is a professional asphalting company located in Michigan. Yeager Asphalt handles all your asphalting needs. Being one of Michigan's top asphalt service companies, Yeager Asphalt specializes in Asphalt Resurfacing, Asphalt Repair, Patching, Sealcoating, and Crack Sealing of both Driveways and Parking Lots. Yeager will handle all your residential and commercial asphalting needs. We do the complete job from start to finish and stand behind our work! Satisfaction Guaranteed, Nobody beats or matches our asphalt service with first rate specially trained employees that have attention to detail at affordable prices. Contact us today for a price quote with no hidden charges and everything included 1-866-YEAGER1


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Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt Resurfacing In more severe cases of asphalt failure, a long-term and cost-effective solution is to resurface the asphalt pavement (also referred to as overlay). If you notice grade depressions (standing water on the pavement) and/or large sections of alligatored areas (interconnecting cracks forming a series of blocks resembling an alligator’s skin), it is a good idea to have your pavement resurfaced.


Asphalt Resurfacing Procedure

This process consists of several steps including preparing and cleaning the area prior to performing work, leveling asphalt of low areas, grinding of all transitions, adjusting of all drainage structures, and many other steps unique to each site.


Resurfacing Options

Geotextile Reinforced Resurfacing – An option that may be included with asphalt resurfacing is Petromat. Petromat is a non-woven, petroleum-based geotextile fabric used to retard reflective cracking between the existing pavement and the newly installed asphalt surface.



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This fabric acts as a waterproofing membrane, while also adding structural support and strength.


Leveling Binder – In low areas, hot asphalt is installed at various depths to adjust pitch to proper grades while increasing parking lot strength.


Butt Joint/Grinding – In areas requiring the resurface to tie into other existing surfaces (i.e., concrete, etc.) asphalt is removed along the perimeter to allow proper depth of asphalt on the edge.


Transitional Milling – In areas requiring the resurface to tie into other existing surfaces (i.e., concrete, etc.), asphalt will be milled and replaced to allow proper depth and transitions. An asphalt milling machine is used to remove an appropriate depth of pavement in a grinding process. The spoils can then be hauled off and recycled.