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Sealcoating is the application of a sealing coat to a paved surface in order to prolong its integrity. Driveways and parking lots will need sealcoating done periodically to help sustain the lifetime of the asphalt. High quality seal coating is a service Yeager Asphalting has provided to Michigan residents since 1959. Seal coating both residential and commercially owned properties, Yeager Asphalt does the best seal coating jobs no matter how big or small. We at Yeager Asphalt spend a lot of time requiring our crew to multiple hours of training so we can stand behind our work 100%. Yeager Asphalt pays great attention to detail while completing the job from start to finish.


Yeager Asphalt is currently using the newest equipment in the seal coating and asphalt industry. We are proud to bring to you a high quality product made here in the USA.


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We are well known for our extremely fast and efficient seal coating services on approaches, driveways, parking lots, and more. Yeager Asphalt is your #1 source for all of Michigan’s asphalt and seal coating needs. Customers have all been satisfied with the seal coating jobs that Yeager has provided. When you hire Yeager Asphalt, you can count on first-rate service at affordable prices.


We will truly provide a reliable, courteous seal coating service that goes well beyond the service. Please contact us today for all your patchwork, seal coating, and asphalt repair needs. Hire one of the nation’s best to work for you! Yeager is a big enough company to get the job done correctly yet still small enough to care about our customers. We at Yeager have been voted #1 Best of the Best in our area for asphalting and seal coating services.


By hiring Yeager Asphalt, this gives the customer, peace of mind knowing that you hired a company that is honest, dependable, and will do the job with excellent workmanship and a sense of pride. We continue to learn more about newer methods and products in the seal coating industry by continuing our education in asphalt; this provides our customers with the best job and products available.

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Yeager Asphalt’s Pavement Maintenance Management Program is second to none! When you hire Yeager Asphalt to install your two layer driveway or parking lot, not only are you getting a driveway or parking lot that will withstand Michigan’s numerous freeze/thaw cycles each season, we also will quote you for applying our special “BLAK-BEAUTY” coal tar protective sealer.


This sealer is manufactured in our own plant here in Michigan. Our sealer will be applied on your asphalt three months after your asphalt is installed. Every third year when it is time to sealcoat again, we will automatically contact you to let you know it is time to sealcoat your driveway or parking lot. If you choose to do so, we will sealcoat it for the original price. We will do this every third year after installation.


Every third year while the crew is there to sealcoat, we thoroughly inspect your asphalt for any cracks that may have developed over the years. At This time we will repair them with hot rubber filler at no charge. Our maintenance program is a first in our industry. We don’t want to just install your driveway or parking lot and maybe sealcoat it the first time and say “Good Luck”. We want a long term relationship with ALL of our customers.