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In order to maximize the life of your asphalt, it is important to develop a pavement management plan involving routine inspections, ongoing preventative maintenance, and also repairs. Yeager Asphalt should be your first stop for all your Asphalting repair needs. We have been servicing all of Mid Michigan’s asphalt repair needs since 1959. Over these two generations of work, Yeager has gained the experience that you can rest assured all your asphalting repairs needs will be met with the highest quality of work.


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Asphalt Repair & Patching

Patching is a common asphalt repair on areas of pavement with potholes. Potholes occur when water seeps into pavement through unsealed or improperly sealed cracks. When the water freezes, it expands and enlarges the crack.


When the ice under the pavement melts, a void is left. Surrounding pavement falls into the void and forms a pothole.


With our extensive experience with both commercial and residential properties, we can back up our work with a satisfaction guarantee for all customers.


All our employees are carefully trained in all asphalting repairs and to pay close attention to all the details.




Asphalt Repair Quote


Asphalt Repair Procedure

This process consists of filling the affected areas with hot or cold asphalt mix, depending on the season and/or site location. We stand behind our entire asphalt repair work for your home or business. Our first rate asphalt repair work is at a very affordable price without any hidden fees or charges.


Asphalt Removal & Replacement

As asphalt pavement progresses through its performance lifecycle, its appearance diminishes over time. Fine hairline cracks spread and deepen within the asphalt. Without ongoing maintenance, water may enter through cracks and holes may form, undermining the substrate.In this case, the most effective form of repair is to remove and replace the deteriorated area. We at Yeager use the newest equipment for asphalt repair and replacement. Using American made products allows us to offer a service no other company in the asphalt industry can compare to.