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Asphalt seal coating in Flint Michigan is resilient material that is used in protecting and improving new and old pavement. Asphalt seal coating in Flint MI done by Yeager, slows and prevents the deterioration of a parking lot area or your driveway. When sealing is applied to new or old asphalt, it leaves a black surface and protects a parking lot or driveway.


Asphalt seal coating in Flint Michigan also extends the life of asphalt surfaces, resists oil and chemical spills, enhances the look and value of surrounding property, enhances the visibility of traffic markings and makes high traction surfaces slip resistant. It is important to note that asphalt seal coating in Flint MI protects the asphalt pavement from the damaging effects of the environment, especially ultraviolet oxidation and moisture.


Keep in mind; Flint Michigan asphalt seal coating should not be applied to newly paved asphalt surfaces until they are sufficiently cured. In addition, seal coating in Flint MI should be done every one to three years, depending on the amount of traffic that the areas have received. However, parking lots should be coated more often due to heavy traffic. Asphalt seal coating in Flint Michigan usually takes a couple days before driving should be allowed on the pavement. 


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There are different ways that asphalt seal coating in Flint MI can be done. At Yeager we will assess the situation that needs asphalt seal coating in Flint Michigan and we will go with what we believe would be the best option for the customer. There are other benefits to seal coating in Flint MI such as a preventative measure, preserving the resilience of asphalt surfaces and hiding small cracks, patches and rough spots. In addition, seal coating in Flint Michigan also makes a driveway look cleaner because rain will wash dirt and debris away easily and away from the asphalt surface.


Some may not know it but seal coating also acts as a waterproofing agent to the surface. Another benefit is that it leaves a smooth surface, which is ideal for sweeping. Most importantly, asphalt seal coating in Flint MI also costs less than repairing or replacing asphalt that is damaged. Clearly, asphalt seal coating in Flint Michigan will not make the pavement slippery. This is true because silica sand is mixed in with pavement sealer, giving it a non-slip surface.


Actually, seal coating in Flint MI is a preventative measure just as painting your home prevents the weather from deteriorating the wood on your home.

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Seal coating in Flint Michigan also seals the small cracks that can turn into large cracks; this can prevent water from getting down to the base material. We live in areas where the winters are harsh, where snow accumulations can wreak havoc with sidewalks and roads. This being the case in our area, your driveway may need to be sealed in the spring. It is the constant shoveling of snow and putting down harsh rock salt that causes damage to the surface.


In addition, there are two other reasons why Flint MI seal coating may be necessary and that is if one of your cars has recently had a bad oil leak or if you’re planning on moving in the near future. Curb appealing is important in selling a home because it is the first thing a future homebuyer notices as they pull up to your home.


To conclude, Yeager asphalt seal coating in Flint Michigan on your driveway or parking lot is not only great looking, but also seal coating in Flint MI has many other benefits as well. Enhancing the look and value of your property and keeping high traction surfaces slip resistant are just some of the added benefits. We at Yeager Asphalt are looking forward to doing your next seal coating job in Flint Michigan.