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Yeager Asphalt is your top choice for an asphalt company in Flint MI. At Yeager Asphalt we do everything from asphalt paving for roads, parking lots, driveways and any other paving job you can imagine in Flint Michigan. We also do asphalt repair work such as crack filling in parking lots or driveways, pot hole repair, and repairing any asphalt issues that you may have. Some of our other services at Yeager Asphalt are sealcoating and line striping. Sealcoating is a necessity in maintaining the life of your asphalt parking lot, driveay, or road in Flint. At Yeager Asphalt we pride ourselves in asphalt paving of new roads, parking lots, or driveways. We can do a paving job from start to finish and that includes all excavation needed so we know that the job gets done correctly and the site is prepped propperly before we start paving the project at hand. we at Yeager Asphalt also have our own asphalt plant which is the industry standard plant in the state of Michigan so we know that the asphalt used to pave your parking lot, driveway, or road is going to be the best asphalt around and the asphalt produced in our plant is made to last for your home or business in Flint MI. Paving a large parking lot can take some time but at Yeager Asphalt we make sure that we are as efficient as possible becasue we know how important it is for your business that the consumer is able to get to your store and park in your lot witout any problems or hassles. We also know the importance of your driveway getting paved in a timely manner because it can be tough to park in the road for an extended period of time and some people dont have the space to park in their lawn. So at Yeager Asphalt we dont waste any time in Flint Michigan. We make sure we get the job done right the first time and you as the customer will be extremely satisfied with the job that we have provided for you and will be calling us with all of your asphalt paving needs or any of your asphalt needs. Please call us today for a free quote or fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly to set up a consultation for a free quote! 

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Asphalt costs less compared to the other building materials used for roads, driveways, or parking lots. Also, since asphalt takes less time than other materials such as concrete, the cost of doing the work and getting the job done is cheaper. Since us at Yeager Asphalt have our own asphalt plant we can provide the best and most competitive prices in Flint Michigan. Our plant allows us to produce the top asphalt for all of your asphalt paving needs in Flint MI.

Another advantage of asphalt in Flint MI is that it is long-lasting. It is tolerant to harsh weather conditions as well as heavy and light- weight vehicles. During construction, many courses are laid on the road giving it very high tenacity thus making it able to withstand all kinds of pressure and weather conditions. At Yeager Asphalt we produce high quality asphalt ready to withstand all types of weather conditions and traffic from vehicles for your Flint Michigan home or business. 


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When it gets to the point that even your family, visitors and or business clients won't drive over your parking area or blacktop driveway at home and start looking for other places to park day or night, you have a real problem. And if your ruts are currently so deep you might not be able to drive over them at all it might be time to hire Yeager Asphalt in Flint Michigan to take on the job to fix the problem. Our sealcoating and blacktop specialist use high performance products perfectly mixed to manufacture specs then use their years of experience to apply the paving, striping, blacktop and sealcoating in a workmanlike and professional manner; zero mistakes.


On occasion, someone might suggest to you that all this is going to inconvenient your family and business clients once the area is blocked off. However, what you may have forgotten is that a seal project that involves new paving or striping as well as blacktop and sealcoating, can be completed during non-business hours to minimize any possible business disruptions (think weekends). And as far as your personal property and or driveway is concerned, let friends or family park on the Flint Michigan street.


Doing this will avoid safety hazards and insure parking availability and keep that blacktop looking nice. So what's involved in the striping and paving process, you may ask? The above options will help improve the flow of traffic around your business and parking area. And when the job is finished it will give customers a reason to smile as well as making the surrounding grounds and blacktop look professional, clean, and create a "we care" atmosphere.


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Actually, the parking area is the first thing potential clients and other customers in Flint Michigan see and there is nothing better looking than a brand new, freshly striped parked area in colors of your choice. When deciding on striping and paving your parking areas you want a product that provides clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, directional arrows for superb traffic flow. Ergo, make sure you hire Yeager Asphalt Service Company in Flint MI because we have the necessary tools and equipment to handle these tasks. Sealcoating is probably the most durable marking substance on the market today.


The main reason why it's so durable is that the professionals handling your job will apply this solid material heated to a temperature that allows it to "flow." This material works great for smaller jobs in high-traffic areas, too. But keep in mind that it is always a prudent move on your part to know exactly what it is you are wanting done for the job. Sealcoatingis the best and most cost effective way to get the job done. If you need seal coating, blacktop, striping or paving, sealcoating will improve the exterior of residential and commercial properties and, for sure, increase the life of any asphalt area.


Asphalt is not invincible and could produce cracks that need repair. All cracks in concrete or asphalt can rapidly turn into a headache if continually overlooked. Asphalt service jobs can be performed on weekends, in segments or even at night. At Yeager in Flint MI 48551 we will do whatever we can to meet your needs. Also, it's advisable that homeowners and business owners target a monthly maintenance program as well.